I was so lucky to be matched with my host family, it was so like my family, all the same dynamics and everything. It made the 5 weeks a lot more enjoyable and I think AFX did an amazing job pairing up all the Aussies with our French exchanges. I got along really well with my family and Chloé which made French school easier. I was so lucky to be taken to Venice and London by my host family, it was honestly amazing considering it was my first time in Europe. It was so great to spend time outsider school exploring other things with my family. I loved that my family wanted to take me to see as much as possible. I think that the best part of this whole exchange experience was the pairing of families because I don’t think I would have had half as much fun if I wasn’t with Chloé and her family. So thank you very much for ensuring that the pairing process is carried out so diligently! I would want to remind people that the point of the exchange is to be immersed in French life and culture and not to travel or see Europe from a tourists’ point of view. Thanks!!

Mia – Melbourne Girls Grammar School

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