Alliance Française de Brisbane

Alliance française de Brisbane teaches 12-14 year old Pre-teens (Les Pré-Ados) and 15-17 year old Teenagers (Les Ados).

The format of the classes is as follows:

  • 1 hour 15 minutes per week for 8 weeks (10 hours per term)
  • $240
  • 10 children maximum

Pre-teens will start French and be able to learn the language through a structured progression offering 12 levels over 3 years. Our primary goal is to give teens enough confidence to cope with real life situations. Therefore, the focus in these classes are on activities that maximise opportunities to use French in a conversational way. This is achieved through meaningful exercises, such as creative role-plays, simulations, surveys, projects, discussions and task based activities.

Teens who already study French at school will be able to boost their learning and achieve the best results. They will be gathered into Y10, Y11 and Y12 groups.

Our teachers who know the Australian curriculum will help the students overcome their difficulties and extend their knowledge.

What makes the High School Students of French courses at Alliance a real PLUS+?

  • The classes are age orientated enabling our teachers to specifically focus on each year level and their learning goals.
  • They complement the school curriculum: new activities and resources are implemented so that the teens can put into practice what they have learnt at school, work around their difficulties and extend their knowledge.
  • Students benefit from a complete immersion in French with our native and experienced teachers of French.
  • Teachers use authentic class material, from French TV programs to magazines or movies, all carefully chosen and adapted by our educational team.
  • The classes gather 5 to 10 student maximum, the perfect class size for everyone to find their space, participate individually and interact.
  • The course is just fun! Less formal exercises and homework, more interactions and real life situations making French real!

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