Maxwell’s mother

We were thrilled with how the experience went for Maxie in France.  The family were outstanding! and we believe that they will be in our lives now forever!

Maxwell’s mother – Brighton Grammar School



I got back from France yesterday (sadly) and my exchange was absolutely amazing. The B. family was awesome and were really interested about life in Australia and also they made sure to show me all the things about life in France. School was different, but amazing. Besides Clement, I have made so many friends in France of whom I hope to keep in touch with and hopefully return and see them one day! Throughout my stay, I had no problems at all! For you guys to be able to find me a correspondent who is so similar to me was great and I will definitely recommend your company in the future! Bonne année.

Jack, Melbourne Grammar School


Before I close the file on Ashley’s exchange, I wanted to thank you and the AFX team for your care in managing Ashley’s trip. Ashley arrived home safely last Monday evening. She had a tremendous experience. Her host family embraced her unreservedly, they accommodated her dietary needs without issue and they made a concerted effort to show her all the best of Normandy. Ashley shared her photo journal with us yesterday. In addition to many amazing sights, she also gained a deeper understanding of WWII history and the allied landings on D-Day. A weekend in Paris to finish was a wonderful highlight. I am aware that you kept a regular contact with Ashley during her exchange. Even though Ashley had no problems to report, I appreciate you making the time to ensure that she was always ok. In summary, a great experience all around.

Ashley’s father – Ravenswood School for Girls


I had an amazing time on exchange in France. I participated in a 5 week reciprocal exchange. I thoroughly enjoyed hosting my ‘sister’ for 5 weeks in Australia and then travelling to France to explore her country, meet her family and most importantly improve my french language skills. I would thoroughly recommend an exchange with AFX to anyone interested in improving their language skills and discovering a new culture. Everyone at AFX was incredibly kind and helpful while I was preparing for my exchange, on exchange and even once I returned. I always felt safe and like there was always someone I could contact if anything went wrong (nothing did!). My conversation skills and comprehension improved immensely and i loved being immersed in the language and culture. Of course singing up for and going on exchange can be scary but I learnt a lot about myself and other people. I would love to further develop my French by going on exchange during university. Thank you AFX for providing me with this experience!!

Alice – Canberra Girls Grammar School


I had such an amazing eight weeks in France thanks to AFX. They put so much thought into every aspect of my exchange! I learnt so much about French culture and lifestyle while also significantly improving my knowledge in the language. My French family were so welcoming and definitely made my experience much more fun! I lived in the French countryside and though very different from home in Australia, I enjoyed it. School with my correspondent, Emma, was one of the highlights! I made so many new friends who I will definitely keep in touch with and maybe even try visit soon! Thank you so much to AFX and Elodie who gave me such a wonderful experience that I will never forget!

Emma – Canberra Girls Grammar School


I went of exchange for 9 weeks over this summer. I stayed in a private boarding school. From the very start I felt at home with my host family. My host sister was honestly the sweetest person I had ever met, we clicked! I loved going to school in France, it was very different, but I learnt so much. During the week I stayed at the boarding school (and with a family on the weekend) and this was such a great experience, I was speaking French 24/7 with lots of people my own age! Elodie at AFX was in constant contact with me throughout the stay and everything ran very smoothly! Overall my French improved dramatically, I made so many new friend and endless memories that will last me a lifetime! Highly, highly recommend!

Rachel – Methodist Ladies’ College, Melbourne


I had such a great time on my exchange. AFX made sure that me and my exchange student had similar interests and ages. I learnt so much about the French lifestyle and tried so many new things like school in French, new foods and skiing. This exchange pushed me out of my comfort zone and i am extremely grateful for the new experiences and life long friends that I made.

Ellie – Methodist Ladies’ College, Perth

Giulia’s Mother

It was with some trepidation that we waved Giulia off  through the exit doors at Melbourne Airport. I remember thinking at the time that I will never forget the look on her face of slight anxiety and apprehension mingled with excitement as she was about to embark on this wonderful opportunity and experience. And it tuned out to be just that and more. Not only did it give Giulia a great opportunity to improve her French it was an invaluable learning experience for Giulia from a personal growth point of view. Even though I know that Giulia missed her family and friends she embraced the experience wholeheartedly  and gained so much. We are incredibly proud of her. The host family were wonderful and we had face-timed each other prior to Giulia setting off . Giulia was embraced  by the host family as one of their own  and the family sent regular updates and photos and also managed to fit in trip to Paris which Giulia thoroughly enjoyed as she had so much wanted to visit Paris as part of  her trip. AFX were also great to deal with and a special thank you to Elodie for being so generous with her time in getting to know myself and Giulia in order to get the best fit. I do not think this was co incidental . When I saw Giulia on her return from Paris she appeared so happy and confident and exuded a sense of  worldliness. She cannot wait to return to visit the family and  we have been in touch with the family since Giulia’s return. We also cannot  wait to also host Elona , Giulia’s host sister and her family hopefully one day soon – the itinerary has already been planned!

Giulia’s Mother – Melbourne Girls Grammar School

Finn’s Mother

My son recently returned from a 5 week exchange. He coped very well with the experience and learnt a lot from it about his own resilience and independence. Although it was only 5 weeks I recognized a change. I have 2 daughters who previously completed exchanges in Europe so I am not new to the process. What did stand out for me with AFX was the effort they took to find a good match. For an exchange to have an optimum outcome this is so important. The family were well prepared to host and they had put a lot of effort into planning trips, excursions and cultural experiences. They were perfect hosts and the correspondent was friendly and made sure my son was part of his friendship group. The exchange was a great success and I would recommend AFX to anyone considering sending their child on a French exchange.

Finn’s Mother – Sydney Grammar School


I found the exchange difficult at the beginning but thanks to AFX finding such a well matched family and correspondent I was able to overcome this and settled in to fully engage with the experience. I started to enjoy the cultural differences at school and home and I made many friends. There were numerous highlights a formal French Christmas with the extended family and visiting Colmar in the Alsace region walking through the Christmas markets and sampling all of the food and ice skating. I enjoyed my time on exchange and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their French and have a fun time meeting new people and making friends.

Finn – Sydney Grammar School

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