Post Graduate Diploma of Fashion, Luxury Products and the Art of Living

The course offers the possibility to follow a highly specialised program after a general Higher Education qualification and is the ideal way to acquire a professional preparation before entering the Luxury products, Textile and Clothing Business. Course content:

A Fashion programme divided into modules

The Fashion, Luxury Products and Accessories Module programme contains the following items: History of Fashion (since 1900), the Fashion Houses and Designers / The evolution of the Fashion world and its present role today / The strategy of the big Fashion groups (in terms of creation, production, distribution, marketing and advertising, their Industrial strategy …) / The trends of Fashion (research and introspective approaches) / Textile technology, understanding of materials / Lexicology of Fashion products / The essential professional Fashion appointments : with FASHION SHOWS calendars, the suppliers stockists and providers of services, shopping sessions, the distribution network, visits to exhibitions and museums… / Course in ‘re-looking’ and an initiation in the morpho-psychological effects of clothing…

Management and Law: Management, Accounting, Budgets, Import, Export / Law : concerning brands and makes (trademarks and brevets) counterfeiting, competition and trading laws, employment laws etc / Selling rights and conventions for Fashion products / Team Management Sales targets and estimations of results…

Marketing and Merchandising and Visual Merchandising : using shop space to its full and to its best value architectural concepts / Fashion Marketing: study cases, analysing and studying competition and competitors.

This is a unique programme, validated by a State University diploma equivalent to a MASTER 1, (level BAC +4) because of its specialized courses and the professional experience acquired. The guarantee of a University diploma and the possibility to follow it up with a University MBA qualification.

Program length

A one year programme including at least one internship with the possibility to follow up in a 2nd year for an MBA qualification.

Program location

Paris and New York.

Program requirements

High school graduates who have successfully completed a 3 year Higher Education programme including non Fashion students with more general qualifications in Business, Management and Advertising.

Artistic profiles can also be accepted with a complementary course in business & trade.

Dates and prices

Dates and Prices List: please contact us.

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