Reciprocal Summer program


AFX Student Exchange organises for Australian students to be hosted by a French family for 6 weeks during the Australian Summer holidays. Students are matched with a French correspondent of a similar age who closely matches their interests, personality and lifestyle. Whilst with the host family, the exchange student will go to school with their correspondent, and is completely integrated into the French family.

While in France, Australian students will also have some school holidays – from the 23rd of December 2017 until the 8th of January 2018 – an opportunity for them to visit other parts of France, experience a “White Christmas” or participate in extra-curricular activities with their host families. The school holidays are also a great opportunity for students to improve their French language skills in a more relaxed environment.

During the French Summer holidays the Australian family will host the French student for the same duration as the Australian student’s stay with the French family. Whilst in Australia, the French student will go to school with their correspondent and is completely integrated into the Australian family.

Program location

We have families based in Paris and in regional France. Families not living in Paris are asked to take their Australian students to visit the French capital.

Paris group tour

The aim of these Paris Group Tours is to provide students with a wonderful 3-4 days visiting some of the highlights and attractions of Paris, discovering the City of Lights in the company of other Australian students, accompanied by AFX team-members. Read more…

Application procedure

Once AFX Student Exchange has received a student’s application, we will contact the student to arrange an informal interview in the family home with at least one parent. This enables AFX Student Exchange to gather the information necessary to truly understand the candidate’s personality.

All French families are interviewed as well. AFX Student Exchange will match an Australian candidate with a French student based on many factors including age, interests and personality.

Program requirements

We ask both French and Australian families to provide a police check for all adults who will be living with the candidates and to accommodate their correspondent in a private bedroom.

AFX assistance and support

AFX Student Exchange organises for the candidates to travel to Paris in a group (this is not compulsory). The students are escorted by an AFX Student Exchange staff member or representative.

Upon arrival in Paris, the students are greeted at the airport by a member of our French team and the host families located in the area.

For students hosted by families in regional France, AFX Student Exchange will assist during the transit period. An AFX Student Exchange representative will also be present at the airport upon departure.

Whilst the students are in France, AFX Student Exchange is contactable 24/7 and makes regular contact with the students in case they need support.

Dates and prices

Dates and Prices List: please contact us.


Please note that AFX is not qualified to advise you on or process your application for obtaining a visa for travel to France.

In general, an Australian citizen (under 18yo) does not need to apply for a visa when going to France for less than 90 days.  AFX will assist where possible but we will take no responsibility for the outcome of visa applications. Please visit the French Consulate Website as soon as you have applied with us to make sure you undergo the application of a visa when requested. AFX recommends commencing your visa enquiries/application 6 months before the start of your program. AFX advises that in certain cases, applicants may be required to attend the French consulate in Sydney.

Alliance Française

AFX Student Exchange is partnered with the Alliance Française of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. The Alliance Française, like AFX Student Exchange, are committed to providing experiences to Australian students to improve both their French language skills and appreciation of French culture. As part of this partnership, AFX hopes to further support participants’ enthusiasm for the French language and culture with our Special Offer.

As a special offer, all students who apply for a High School Program by the 31st of December 2016 to go to France in 2017 are entitled to a week free intensive French course run by the Alliance Française.

To know more about the course offered as part of our Special Offer, click on the your local Alliance Française: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane,Canberra or Adelaide.

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