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Voulez-vous voyager en France?

Expressions of interests sought for the position of GROUP LEADER

AFX Student Exchange is seeking group leaders to supervise and assist groups of students participating in student exchange, on their travel to and from France. The role is voluntary, however the costs of all international travel to and from France are covered. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to assist a group of young people participating in a life changing experience, and travel freely once in France.

Travel dates

Sydney Group Leaders

  • 10th December to 15th January
  • 19th November to the 29th January

Melbourne Group Leaders

  • 10th December to 15th January
  • 19th November to the 29th January

Other Requirements

Participation in group leader training: group leaders will receive comprehensive in person training and briefing from AFX.

Attendance at a pre departure student information session: these run for 2-3 hours, and will be held in Sydney on 29th October 2016, and in Melbourne on 22 October 2016

Uniform: Group Leaders must wear a group-leader shirt provided by AFX Student Exchange during the Information Session, and whilst on the while in charge of AFX candidates, in order to be easily identifiable by the students you will be supporting.

Behaviour: The group leader must, at all times behave a way that is appropriate for the responsibilities of this task of assisting young people during international travel.  in a polite and responsible way.

Contactability:  Group Leader must be contactable on  their mobile phone during this travel in order to liaise with AFX in order to best assist and support traveling students.

Further details to be provided upon application.

Possible additional duties

Group leaders are also sought as guides for our Paris Group Tour – running from the 11th to 14th December. If you are selected as a group leader and may be interested in this paid role as a guide, please express your interest in you application email.

How to apply.

Group Leader must be adults and demonstrate previous experience with group supervision of minors such as teaching. It is requested that the Group Leader provides AFX Student Exchange with a Working with Children Check or equivalent and professional references.

If you are interested please email a resume, cover letter, copy of your passport and a Working with Children check (available via any Post Office) to:


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